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The Next Big Thing

What is Toptal? How I got here? What it have to do with me?

Let’s start from the beginning…

My name is Vladimir Koncos, I’m freelance graphic designer and developer from Serbia. I’m 38, married with 2 children.

Back in 1999 during my college days, our country has been bombed out. Colleges, schools were closed, so I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I found some HTML tutorial in my native language, and I start to learn HTML. About the same time in college we had crash course in Photoshop. This was my first encounter with Photoshop. First version of Photoshop I ever used were 4.0 (not CS4). Eversince, I fell in love with design.

Several years later I started to work for the local prining company, and about the same time I opened my first freelancer’s account on RentACoder (doesn’t exist anymore).

So parallelly I was persuing 2 careers:

  • Print designer at local printing company and
  • Web, Logo, UI designer at freelance sites.

In the next 4 years I was working on tones of different print and web design projects. My clients were always 100% satisfied. I was willing to go an extra mile in order to make them happy. All of client’s reviews are at 100%

In 2011 I quit my printing company job and I commited myself to freelance work only.

Next thing I entagled myself into were crowdsourcing websites. I was very successfull at it, and entire system forced me to give my best. Competing with other great designers drive me to make even better designs. I was winning a lot of web design, mobile app design contests. That was great experience. I believe my designing skills has been honed the most rapidly at that time.

freelancerFor a while I didn’t have any time to find new freelance projects. I had bunch of regular clients who kept me busy with various projects.

Both regular freelance and crowdsourcing sites have it’s pros and cons. This morning I found out about Toptal and I wanted to join. It sounded very intriguing. I spend most of the day researching Toptal and I decided to apply for it. I prepared the resume, created an account.

Is said after the final selections, after the screening process, tests the top 3% of the best of the best will remain. I like this idea of 3% of top freelancers. This concept is very interesting. This eliminates amateurs, low quality and mediocre freelancers. Reduces failed projects to zero. This is very challenging for me, and I would like to see If I’m the right fit for Toptal. I hope I am! We’ll see

I love what I do for a living. Design is my passion. I would never could guess I will ended up in freelance world. But I’m happy how my life turned out and I believe Toptal is next big thing for me. I will certainly give my best to succeed in this endeavor.

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